Natural Capital

Interactieve presentatie


Opdracht: Vormgeving + ontwikkeling interactieve PDF / Gids over natuurlijk kapitaal
Opdrachtgever: VBDO – Vereniging van Beleggers voor Duurzame Ontwikkeling
Opdracht: Gids voor financiële instanties over hoe te investeren in natuurlijk kapitaal. De gebruiker kan in deze interactieve PDF navigeren zoals in een website.

“The term natural capital is increasingly being used by governments, influencers of the private sector and the private sector itself to describe the goods and services provided by the natural world on which society and industry rely on. These goods and services are vital to the economic system and material to financial institutions, but are currently not fully incorporated into investment policies.

The guide is intended to provide practical guidance to financial institutions that wish to take their interactions with natural capital into account in their business operations.”


Illustration, Print Design, Infographics

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